Next generation early earthquake alarm system FREQL

FREQL, early earthquake alarm system

For earthquake and tsunami disasters

The world fastest earthquake alarm system FREQL is completed!! FREQL is developed based on the experiences of development and operation of the world first P wave alarm system UrEDAS.FREQL can realize the world fastest earthquake alarm than the system not only UrEDAS but also the other EEW, Earthquake Early System, systems. FREQL can provide precise earthquake and tsunami warning.

P wave alarm is available.
0.1 seconds after P wave detection, FREQL can issue P wave alarm based on realtime seismic intensity, RI.
Additionally after adjustment (optional) with observed data, within one second after P wave detection, FREQL can estimate the dangerousness of the earthquake motion and issue alarm if necessary. On the other hand, one second after P wave detection, FREQL can estimate the magnitude and location of the earthquake and issue the alarm for the area of high damage possibility.

S wave alarm is also available.
S wave alarm can be promptly issued with the real-time seismic intensity and acceleration. The real-time seismic intensity is a real-time value with physical background and fit to MMI or the instrumental seismic intensity of Japan Meteorological Agency.

2 Way Alarm (P wave and S wave alarm in one instrument) is
our patent technique.
It is only SDR to be able to issue both P wave and S wave alarm from one alarm seismometer.

FREQL is useful for.....

For immediate alarm
FREQL can determine the magnitude and position of the earthquake from the waveform for 1 second after P wave detection. This is the earliest earthquake alarm system than not only present UrEDAS but also the system Japan Meteorological Agency constructing. The source region tends to be isolated in a big damage earthquake. However, if there is FREQL, it is OK. Alarm and information will be got before the destructive motion.FREQL can detect evendistant earthquakes exactly, so FREQL can provide tsunami warning.

For a positive alarm
FREQL continues the wave observation after P wave detection, and FREQL can issue the S wave alarm if the acceleration or seismic intensity exceeds the preset level. That is, dual and triple alarm carried out only by FREQL. (Patent pending)

For the alarm related to actual damage
P wave alarm of FREQL is taken out to the area with a possibility of earthquake damage based on the past earthquake damage. Moreover, the acceleration alarm also pays its attention to the frequency range related to earthquake damage. Furthermore, the real-time seismic intensity of our company patent technology is an index with relation closely to the destructive energy of earthquake motion so this index has a close relation to actual damage. Thus, all the alarms of FREQL are alarms related to actual damage. In addition, although it is incalculable for the instrumental seismic intensity of the Japan Meteorological Agency unless an earthquake finishes, since the real-time seismic intensity of our company patent technology can also calculate during the earthquake motion, it can be used also for an alarm.

For safety restoration
FREQL continues calculating earthquake parameters after P wave detection. Moreover, on the screen, the propagation situation of an earthquake motion is displayed visually, and time until main shock comes, and time until earthquake terminated counts down. For this reason, the earthquake situation progress can be known with reality from various way of view. Based on these exact FREQL informations during and/or after the event, it is possible to restart operation safety and rationally.


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